Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company, Brightwell Dispensers place an emphasis on its people and the local community.

Safety First

Brightwell Dispensers have always been a family-run business and consider employees one of the most important assets of the company.We are committed to a culture that fosters professional and personal development through role-specific training and promotion. In addition to this, we promote an environment where employees are encouraged to speak up, be heard and participate.

Employee safety is a prerequisite to sustaining our operations and we actively seek to enhance the well-being of our workforce by implementing initiatives such as 6S. 6S is a lean manufacturing discipline based on the principle of 5S with an added 6th "S" step for safety. It advocates cleanliness and organisation across facilities to minimise risk, improve efficiencies and improve the health and safety standards of all.

Customer Care

Our corporate responsibility doesn’t stop with our employees - it extends to our customers and their customers.

We support our customers and aim to build trustful long-lasting relationships. By offering robust and durable products, we ensure that our customers can be confident in dealing with their customers and can rest assured that they are supplying a product that complies with high ethical manufacturing standards and industry best practices.

Our ISO9001 certification is proof of our dedication to providing products and services that consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved. It is important for us to develop products in conjunction with our customers needs so that they are equipped with the correct resources to enable them to grow their business and profits.

We promote equality and diversity within the workplace by employing a broad range of nationalities to cater to our large portfolio of clients across the globe.



Based in Newhaven, UK we are proud of our British roots and continue to produce the vast majority of our components in-house under strict quality controls. Community spirit is important to us and we fully support the rejuvenation of Newhaven town by participating in initiatives such as local sponsorship opportunities and employer partnerships.